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July 2010
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Enjoying the moment

As I sat back with my group of friends on the grass at Niagara Falls watching the fireworks last night, I was glad I had left the camera & tripod in the trunk.  Before beginning the trip for the day I had thought how it would be a neat location to shoot fireworks and get the crowd in the foreground.  When I was standing behind my car faced with the decision of whether to drag the equipment with me on the long walk to where we finally sat down, I decided against it.  It was a hot day, it had been a long day and it got even more humid the closer we got to the mist from the falls.

I’m glad I made that decision.  While maybe I could have gotten a few neat shots it wouldn’t have been anything of great significance to me and I’d have to deal with the crowd on the small island we watched from.  I looked around a bit during the fireworks and considered the framing and options and decided it was nicer to just sit back and watch things go boom.

Sometimes it helps to recognize that your memories of the event will be better than your memories of the frustration of not getting a photo of it that was really worth having.

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